December, 2016

Unacceptable’ lack of representation for detainees

The organisation ‘Bail for Immigration Detainees”’ says one in five of the detainees it spoke to has never had legal representation during their detention. By contrast, four in five detainees had legal representation prior to the government introducing its controversial legal aid cuts in April 2013.Of the 53% who currently have a legal representative, just over half have their representative paid for through legal aid, the remainder being privately funded. BID policy and research manager John Hopgood said: “Around half of the 30,000 people who are detained every year are released without being deported. They face being separated from their families and locked up often without proper explanation – a scary and frustrating experience”

Read the rest of this article at: https://www.lawgazette.co.uk/law/unacceptable-lack-of-representation-for-detainees/5059114.article

*The above article was extracted from: https://www.lawgazette.co.uk/law/unacceptable-lack-of-representation-for-detainees/5059114.article


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