February, 2017

Home Office ends policy of automatic settlement for refugees after five years

Those recognised as refugees or in need of Humanitarian Protection will usually be granted a period of limited leave along with any dependants included on the claim. When their leave is due to expire, they must apply for further leave for themselves and any qualifying dependants if they want to stay in the UK. Settlement is a privilege, not an automatic right and provides permission to stay in the UK permanently and freedom from immigration control for those who still need protection. However, the need for protection may be temporary and if there are significant improvements in country conditions or changes in personal circumstances that mean someone no longer needs protection, they may be expected to return to their country of origin or apply to remain in the UK under other provisions of the Immigration Rules.

Settlement may also be refused to refugees or their family members where the behaviour of the individual such as their criminality, character, conduct or associations means they should be denied permanent settlement in the UK. Refugees and their family members will continue to receive limited leave where they still face persecution or serious harm in their country of origin or habitual residence.

Read more at: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/settlement-protection-asylum-policy-instruction

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