Proposal aims to restrict ‘Surinder Singh’ route

Hundreds of British citizens with foreign-born partners who depend on an obscure legal loophole to allow them to live together in the UK could see their chances of family life made even tougher by the EU renegotiation, campaigners and lawyers have warned.

Current rules insist a British spouse must earn more than £18,600 for their loved one to be allowed to join them in the UK, regardless of the income of the foreign spouse or the family’s assets.

As a result, many have relied on a bizarre workaround known as the Surinder Singh route, in which a British citizen moves temporarily to another EU country with their foreign partner, before both enter the UK under EU freedom of movement laws. Read more at


* The above article was extracted from http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/feb/16/immigration-loophole-for-foreign-born-spouses-could-close-under-draft-eu-rules


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