September, 2016

Immigration fees to soar despite overwhelming opposition

Overwhelming opposition to a hike in fees for immigration cases has been ignored, with the government announcing that it will go ahead with its proposed package of hefty increases. A response paper published by the Ministry of Justice states that only five out of 142 respondents agreed with plans to increase fees in the first-tier tribunal.

Fees in the first-tier tribunal will rise six-fold, from £80 to £490 for an application for a decision on the papers, and from £140 to £800 for an application for an oral hearing. A new fee of £455 will be introduced for an application to the first-tier tribunal for permission to appeal to the upper tribunal.

In the upper tribunal, an application for permission to appeal, where permission had been refused by the first-tier tribunal, will cost £350, while a £510 fee will be imposed for an appeal hearing where permission is granted.

Read more at: http://www.lawgazette.co.uk/law/immigration-fees-to-soar-despite-overwhelming-opposition/5057685.article

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