Costs Information

For new clients we offer an initial no obligation consultation with an experienced immigration solicitor. The consultation can be undertaken both in person or by telephone depending on your preference. During the initial consultation, you can explain your situation to an immigration solicitor and the immigration solicitor will provide you with initial advice on your case. We aim to provide honest and accurate legal advice which you can rely upon.

The cost of the initial consultation fee is the same for both an in person or telephone consultation:

– £80.00 for a 40 minute consultation

– £120.00 for a 1 hour consultation (usually where you would like the solicitor to read a file of papers in order to advise you)


The hourly rates we charge are as follows:

£250 for a solicitor with between 5-10 years experience

£350 for a solicitor with more than 10 years experience

The following are the type of immigration cases we assist in:

Application for Regularisation of stay (Overstayer)

  • Leave to Remain with a partner
  • Leave to Remain for a child
  • “7 year rule” for children and their family members
  • Leave to Remain as the Parent of a Child in the UK
  • Dependent Relative
  • Leave to Remain for an Individual
  • Exceptional/compassionate circumstances
  • S120. Representations

Long Residence Applications

  • Long Residence
  • Indefinite stay after 20 years unlawful and/or lawful stay in the UK

Immigration Appeals

  • Lodging Grounds of Appeal
  • Preparation of Appeal Case
  • Advocacy before the Immigration Tribunal
  • Deportation Appeals
  • Judicial Review Applications

The fees quoted above do not attract VAT.

In addition to our fees, you can expect to pay disbursements which are applicable in your case and we will let you know what disbursements are payable from the beginning. The type and cost of disbursements which may be applicable in your case include:


Our solicitors will assist you throughout your immigration matter from the commencement of your case to its conclusion.  Our service includes taking your instructions, advising you, representing you, drafting documents on your behalf, corresponding with the Home Office and relevant authorities, keeping you updated in the progress of your case and assisting you throughout your case.

Please note that both immigration applications and immigration appeals may take several months to conclude and the firm shall provide you with updates on time scales when handling your case.

On average, both immigration applications and appeals can take between 10-15 hours to complete. This means that on average costs are between £2,500 and £5,250 depending on whether your case is undertaken by a junior solicitor or senior solicitor at the firm. Our fees do not currently attract VAT which means you will not need to pay VAT on your case.

Please note the anticipated number of hours and fees are an estimate based on the facts above. All applications are likely to vary and of course, we can give you a more accurate estimate once we have more information about your specific case. We may also be able to offer you a fixed fee to handle your case and which is likely to be in the average costs range shown above.

Advice and representation at the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) in relation to appeals against Home Office visa or immigration decisions (excluding asylum).

If you require advice and representation at an appeal we will charge the same hourly rates as above.

The time taken to prepare an appeal varies considerably depending on the issues of the appeal.

The time required is likely to be in the range of 15-20 hours preparation time.  This means that on average costs are between £3,750 and £7,000 depending on whether your case in handled by a junior solicitor or senior solicitor. Our fees do not currently attract VAT which means you will not need to pay VAT on your case.

For the appeal hearing itself it is our usual practice to instruct experienced immigration barristers to represent you. We will work closely with the barrister and in most appeals will arrange a conference meeting with you and the barrister. We will discuss with you the options and offer you a range of experience and price. Costs for the barrister are likely to be in the range of £650-£1,000 (plus VAT if payable to the Barrister).

How to use our services

If you wish to instruct us in respect to an application, please call us on 020 8884 1166 or email: Clients usually start with an initial consultation where based on the information that you provide to us, we will give you our preliminary view on the merits of your case and options. We can also give you an accurate fee we will charge for your particular case after an initial consultation. After the initial consultation you can decide whether you wish to instruct us further in the matter. Consultations can be in person or by phone and are strictly confidential.