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Read some of the hundreds of reviews we have received through the years of experience at Greenfields Solicitors.

Overstayer granted Leave to Remain

Words cannot describe how amazing Greenfields Solicitors are. Raheela is incredibly knowledgeable in immigration law and proved this by getting me a fantastic positive outcome in my immigration matter.
Despite having quite a complicated case and being told by everyone (including other solicitors) that my application would not produce favorable results, Raheela was positive and confident in my case, agreed to take it on and ultimately won the case. I cannot recommend this firm enough!!!

Tomi A, Herts
April 2021

Further Leave to Remain under the 10 year route

I have been using Greenfields Solicitors services since 2014. I am on the 10 year route to settlement, so every two years and a half I apply for further leave to remain on the grounds of private life in the UK.
Mrs Raheela Hussain who is the Principal Solicitor of the firm has to be one of the best solicitors in the Country. She always goes the extra mile to make sure her clients get the best service. She is an amazing solicitor and person!
I 100% recommend Greenfields solicitors. They are very professional and efficient.
Applying for visas and extensions can be extremely stressful.I think it is worth having someone represent you and do the hard work for you.

And thank you once again to Mrs Raheela Hussain for her hard work, particularly this year with the pandemic and lockdowns taking place.
Thank you for helping me get further leave to remain once more!

Miss M.C., London
February 2021

Spouse Visa extension

Hi Mrs Hussain,
Happy New Year. I hope you are well.
Belated thanks for your wonderful help once again in smoothly overseeing the process of Pete’s spouse visa application. Your deep knowledge of the system and calm manner are very reassuring when going through the lengthy and complicated process. He got the email of approval and new biometric card in mid November!

Peter and Katy, London
January 2021

Leave to Remain under Article 8 (Private Life)

Mrs Raheela and her team did it again for me.
I am a returning client from two and half years ago. I first met Mrs Raheela when she supported my complex immigration case after I overstayed my Post Study Work visa. This time, she assisted me to renew my visa. Always professional, helpful, and friendly.
Extremely knowledgeable about UK immigration.
I would certainly recommend Greenfields Solicitors for immigration matters.

Elise Gisele, London
November 2020

Overstayer granted leave to remain

If i could give 10/10 stars I would, Greenfields Solicitors are fantastic immigration lawyers. Without them I would still be illegal in this country, with them I got my visa and every happiness and chance to make me life in UK, thank you so so much especially to MRS RAHEELA, you are 1 in a million lawyer.

Haseeb Khan, Sheffield
November 2020

Telephone consultation advice

Very helpful advice and prompt at getting back to me. Would recommend this law firm to others.

Miss Jacobs, Yorkshire
October 2020

Telephone consultation advice

I had a telephone consultation with the solicitor Mr Ismail and wanted to say thanks to him for his good advice which I did follow and now I am happy to say I am no longer worried about my case as I know I am in good hands.

Bernard, Loughborough
August 2020

Indefinite leave to remain granted under the old immigration rules

A big thanks and heartfelt gratitude to Raheela Hussein for helping my mum and I out with our immigration matter.It wasn’t an easy case to build and we were very fortunate for having her win the case in our favour. We received good advise from her to which we took heed off which ultimately awarded us with what we were hoping for. Would highly recommend Greenfield Solicitors to anyone who needs assistance in immigration matters.

M Affiuddin, Watford
March 2020

Overstayer granted leave to remain based on his British partner and children

My name is Khalil and Sasha My partner and I sought help and advice from Raheela Hussain at Greenfields about an immigration matter of overstaying my visa. She was so professional and made us feel confident that she could help us solve our problem. She took us through the process with care and the utmost professionalism. She took us through everything step by step and put together the best possible case for us that was precise and very thorough. We had a successful outcome and couldn’t be happier with the help we received from Greenfields and Mrs Hussain. We will definitely go to them again without hesitation for any help and advice in the future. I advise anyone with any immigration matter to not waste time and money on other solicitors and go straight to Greenfields as they are so fantastic and Raheela is the very best!

Khalil, Surrey
March 2020

Overstayer family granted leave to remain under the 7 year child route

Wonderful amazing brilliant…..I cannot say enough words to describe just how wonderful Greenfields solicitors are. They are the best! Big thank you from my family to you for helping us get visas to live in the UK…..for so many years we struggled without papers but now we can hold our heads high because of you and know that we have the freedom to follow our dreams…. we can never say how grateful we are to you greenfields solicitors!!

M Torres, West Sussex
February 2020

Overstayer granted leave to remain based on his British partner

A fantastic team and Raheela certainly knows her immigration law. She is honest and will tell you really clearly if she can help you or not. Luckily, for me and my wife she was able to help (again!) and I have received my LTR in record time. We are most relieved. We thank Greenfields Solicitors so much, previous solicitors do not live up to her standards.

Youness, London
February 2020

Appeal – Spouse visa

They are the most amazing lawyers. My husband was refused a spouse visa to come to the UK and we were both so unhappy. I cannot live in Algeria to be with my husband as I am British born and raised and I went to see 5 different lawyers for advice, Greenfields Solicitors were by the far the best as they explained the home office refusal to me clearly and explained our options. My husband did overstay in the Uk before and was deported so his case was tricky. But not for Greenfields Solicitors- at the appeal the Judge even praised the appeal work they did on our case and said it was of a high standard. The home office did not give us an easy time at the appeal but thankfully, the Barrister who represented my husband was too good to be true and we eventually won our appeal. Me and my husband cannot explain our feelings or how happy we are and we are currently planning for him to fly into the UK in the new year, we cannot wait to be together! None of this would have been possible without the brilliant Greenfields Solicitors, their compassion and understanding of people’s lives is what makes their clients so happy with them and we are just another couple whose lives have been changed forever and for the better because of the amazing work of Greenfields Solicitors. My lawyer was called Mr Ismail and I would recommend him for any appeal case as he is so calm and very good with anxious clients like me!

Tracey, Brighton
January 2020

Consultation for legal advice

Found their legal advice excellent. The solicitor provided a few options and went through each option clearly and she understood the problems we faced. We now know which direction to follow in our mother’s tricky immigration case. Would recommend anyone to book a consultation with Greenfields Solicitors if you need advice on your immigration case, they are really very good.

Mr K Prasad, London
January 2020

Indefinite leave to remain visa application

Words of praise for the firm and Mrs Raheela Hussein especially is not enough, because there are no words for her amazing and dedicated work. If you need the experience and a positive outcome on your immigration matters then this is the person and firm. Leave out the rest for she is the best in all honesty. Thank you and I wish you continued success.

Siti Allison Binti Abdullah, Watford
December 2019

Extension of leave to remain visa

I come to these lawyers every time my visa needs to be extended because they have always helped me every step of the way and they were the lawyers who got my papers sorted back in 2013. I am using them again for my visa renewal because I know they will work hard to get me the visa and because I totally trust them. `I WOULD SERIOUSLY RECOMMEND GREENFIELDS SOLICITORS TO EVERYONE!!

Ruby, Milton Keynes
December 2019

Further representations case

Great Firm. Highly experienced solicitors.

Franck Oum, London
December 2019

Overstayer granted leave to remain based on his British partner

I’m writing this review on behalf of my partner who got a visa through Greenfields Solicitors. We are very grateful to Mrs Hussain and her team for their excellent work in helping my partner get his legal residency in the UK. We were both very stressed and fed up when we approached Greenfields Solicitors, my partner had been in the UK illegally for nearly 10 years and we were desperate to stay together. After being disappointed by so many other lawyers out there, it was only Mrs Hussain and her amazing immigration team managed to do this and they got us a result in less than 6 months. We can never say a big enough thank you to Greenfields Solicitors for changing our lives for the better, they are the very best.

Manpreet Kaur, Coventry
November 2019

Varying visit visa to leave to remain visa

Your attention, your care, hard work and devotion gave us the positive results which we could only dream of. From the bottom of our hearts we are grateful to you for getting us the visa to live in the UK, it is a huge relief for our family.

Javier Bautista, Brighton
October 2019

Appeal based on private life

A big thanks to Mrs Hussain for all her hard work in my appeal case. I didnt think it was possible for a lawyer to show so much care for a client in their case but she really did and I am really grateful for all her effort.

Mrs Siddique, Chiswick
October 2019

Leave to Remain granted on compassionate circumstances

Greenfields Solicitors have been excellent in helping my elderly dad in obtaining legal status to remain in the UK to live with me and the rest of my family based on compassionate grounds. my dad’s case was a difficult one as he suffers various medical problems, but Greenfields Solicitors presented the case to the Home Office really well and Profesional and although it took a long time for a decision in the case, eventually my dad was granted with leave to remain outside of the immigration rules. We really are very grateful for all the help and support that Greenfields Solicitors gave to us whilst we were battling the Home Office and we cannot thank the solicitors enough for making a very difficult journey so much easier and my dad’s final years to be spent together with his family.

Norma P. Burrowes, Birmingham
September 2019

Casework Consultation

When the Home Office served me with papers I panicked and I was worried I would be deported. My friend recommended that I go to Greenfields Solicitors for help, and help me they did. They wrote a very long and detailed section 120 response to the Home Office where they explained all of my reasons for wanting to stay in the UK and the lawyer backed this up with the documents which I provided to them on their advice. I was very happy with their response because since then, the Home Office has stopped chasing me and now I only have to report to the Home Office once every 6 months when before I needed to report twice a month. I know I have used the right firm in my immigration case and I recommend you use them too as they are the best immigration lawyers.

Peter Nzeogwu, Croydon
August 2019

Consultation for legal advice

I was very confused about my immigration case and after searching the internet I decided to book a consultation with Greenfields Solicitors for advice as their consultation fee is very reasonable and come across as very experienced. I emailed them for an appointment and they replied very quickly and I got an appointment within 2 days. At the end of the consultation I was very relieved and clear on my options, Mrs Hussain was really clear in explaining things to me and took her time to make sure all my questions were answered well. I am really happy with the advice I got so I decided to write this review.

Vishal, Nottingham
August 2019

Overstayer granted Discretionary Leave based on her British partner

Greenfields Solicitors staff were exceptional in helping me through my case. They carefully walked me through each step explaining what was needed and when. They put in an oustanding effort in putting my case together and really went above and beyond in so many ways to help me and my family. I honestly cannot recommend them enough to people looking for a solicitor as they really showed a great amount of professionalism, dedication to my case, and were all around lovely people to work with through a difficult time! Thank you so much!

Hana, Norfolk
July 2019

Extension of Leave to Remain for 2.5 years

Mrs Hussain and her team continue to amaze and surprise me, I have been her client for up to or over 4 years now. I am on the ten year route for access to indefinite leave to remain, were I have to renew my brp every 2 and a half years. Some people say to me I don’t need their services anymore because I am already on track, but you have to realise if you want things done right, first time around, without multiple occurring costs, with professionalism and precision, you have to go for the best. People, my advice to you is, you get what you pay for, and better to get the best from the start. Mrs Hussain and her team will go above and beyond to get you a result, I would recommend no one else. I will always be grateful to Mrs Hussain and her team, and so will my family.

Carlton, Buckinghamshire
June 2019

They are the best immigration firm ever!!

They are the best immigration firm ever!! Check out their YouTube videos. They Give the best immigration advice. Totally life changing.

Click here for YouTube Videos Link

Yeu Kai
June 2019

Indefinite Leave to Remain for a family of 4

Dear Raheela,

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the time, effort and hard work you have put in to help our family remain in the UK permanently. When we first came to you for help in 2011 we never thought that we could even get legal status to remain in the UK but with your amazing abilities, you managed to do what no other lawyer had done for us previously and helped our family to get Discretionary Leave to Remain. It is because of you that our children have grown up in the UK and that we are together as a family all enjoying our lives. We have had no hesitation to use your firm again when renewing our Visas in 2015 when again you obtained successful result for us all and it went without saying that we asked you to help us again in 2018 in applying for our Indefinite Leave to Remain which again you succeeded in. We cannot thank you enough for changing our lives for the better and making our dream come true to live in the UK. God bless you and your firm.


The Ridkerd family, Oxford
May 2019

Successful extension of Discretionary Leave to Remain

My name is Samuel , I am a past client of Greenfield Solicitors in which they help me with my residency in the UK which was for me to stay with wife and kids but that time I had overstayed visa in which I had no ideal of what to do , but when Greenfield solicitors took my case I was happily granted a Discretionary leave to remain on 2016 , I was so happy . So on my renewal of my visa for extension I came to where started from the best solicitors in UK Greenfield solicitors , it does not matter how much they charge you but my confident in Greenfield solicitors you will never be disappointed , once again Greenfield solicitor have done it again for my visa to be extended 2019 am more grateful to them and I highly recommend Greenfield solicitors to any one in the country looking for committed and serious solicitors then this is you last stop to move for word .

S Agyemang, London
April 2019

Indefinite Leave to Remain based on 10 years continuous residence

Dear Sir / Madam,

I’m very grateful to Almighty God for the success of my application through the works of your hands. A wonderful gift I received your call the day after our 23rd (Jan 20) wedding anniversary although my husband is in the Philippines now.

Thank you so much for your kindness, understanding and support .

God bless us all. Thank you.

M Mendoza, London
April 2019

Overstayer granted Discretionary Leave based on his private life in the UK

Even though my case was difficult and I did not hold much hope of success and lawyers I had spoken to before were not positive about my case, I thank God I managed to find this team. Greenfileds are above and beyond brilliant. I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Greenfelds.

Caution Musavengane, Buckinghamshire
February 2019

Overstayer granted Discretionary Leave to Remain based on British partner and child

My name is Bukola. Actually I don’t know what to say about Mrs Hussain because I am full of so much words for her as my joy is so full. See my case was like a closed case when I met this woman. She told me my case is possible. I almost did not believe her but she called my name and said “Bukola you need to trust me” I am glad Idid! I got my visa with ease. I don’t know how to thank Raheela and her team. I was so uncooperative with them But Mrs Raheela was patient with me. I remember the first day I stepped into their office, I was very late and I kept them all waiting after I had spoken with them on the Phone. I got them all on their feet including the Madam when I got there they were looking for ways to make me comfortable as I was pregnant. Miss Tahir got me a cold drink first before we started the meeting. Thank you guys. Thank you. Greenfields is well respected even by the home office. My message to people reading this: Please don’t waste your money with unhelpful solicitors. Time and money are too precious so use Raheela.

Bukola, London
January 2019

Appeal to the Tribunal for Discretionary Leave to Remain based on family and private life for an overstayer

Dear Ms Hussain and staff, I just want to say a big thank you for the Excellent Professional Services you provided in obtaining Leave for my aunt Mrs Brown to remain in the United Kingdom. Words cannot say. On behalf of my son, my daughter-in-law and my other family and friends who supported Mrs Brown’s Application I wish to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation. Mrs Brown sends her thanks and kind regards as well.

Mrs Brown, Kent
January 2019

Overstayer granted Discretionary Leave based on his British partner and child

After 6 years of fear now, I can finally enjoy my stay in the UK. My daughter and I overstayed our fiancee visa for 5 years because my husband lost his job after we got married. Even though we wanted to update our visa but we couldn’t afford it. Eventually he got a job but we were too afraid to apply because of the fear of being rejected. Just last year we made a tough decision to face our fear and finally applied. My husband found Greenfields Solicitors when he was looking for solicitor online called them and then visited their office and told them our story. It wasn’t an easy decision but it was something that we needed to do for our family. They have been very helpful with our case. Now, we can sleep well at night thinking that we are staying here legally. The best decision that we have made is trusting them with our case. Immigration granted our visa on 08/01/2019. We waited for 7 months but it was all worth it. Thankful to Greenfields Solicitors for all of their help. Their business is keeping families together.

Mrs Marion Oni, London
January 2019

Overstayer granted Discretionary Leave based on his British partner and child

I can not thank Mrs Raheela Hussain enough for the help and support her and Greenfields Solicitors have given me over the last 5 years. I approached Greenfields Solicitors to assist with my over-stay application and from day one they have been nothing but friendly, knowledgeable and professional, I cannot fault their services.

At each different stage of my application they were very informative and gave clear instructions on what I needed to do and explained how the process will work. Through their help and expertise I have recently received a positive outcome in relation to my immigration matter and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone and will happily use them again in the future.

So thank you from the bottom on my heart, me and my family can now look forward to the future.

Selvanathan Selvanathan, Surrey
January 2019

Overstayer granted Discretionary Leave to Remain based on British partner

Raheela and her team easily achieved what other solicitors were advising would be very difficult. From the very reasonable initial consultation fee, right through to the final payment, we would consider this excellent value for money. We were advised it would take at least a 12 month wait for results, but were pleasantly surprised to receive a final successful outcome within 5 months. We cannot thank Greenfield Solicitors enough, they have literally changed our lives. We would highly recommend this company to deal with anyone’s immigration matters. Thanks again Raheela, from Dave and Qun Ying.

Dave & Qun Ying, Colchester
December 2018

Overstayer granted Discretionary Leave to Remain based on British partner

When my fiancee first suggested/recommended Greenfield Solicitors to me, I was sceptical. I remained sceptical after meeting with Mrs Hussain as I wasn’t sure if she was the right person to facilitate my case. In time, I began to see how diligent, thorough and dedicated she took each case.
With every step of the process, their confidence and professionalism remained solid, and this helped in keeping me and my partner positive.
I am glad to have been represented by Greenfield Solicitors and would happily recommend them to anyone. P.S I was delighted with my case’s outcome.

Ihemefor, Berkshire
November 2018

Overstayer granted Discretionary Leave to Remain based on British partner and child

I can say Greenfields Solicitors is the best firm I’ve ever heard, experienced and witnessed their great job offering in the United Kingdom here.I was almost deported so was asked by the Home Office to sign on at the Becket House-London Bridge on weekly basis.I came across Mrs Hussain on an advert on the YouTube which I contacted them on the phone.Was booked for an appointment to meet Mrs Hussain and her assistant Anita Tahir.I’m even short of words… At that time, I had no grounds but with Greenfields,I’m granted Leave to Remain.Will advise everyone with Immigration issues not to hesitate ba to run to Greenfields Solicitors and you WILL be blessed.

N Boateng, London
November 2018

Overstayer granted Discretionary Leave to Remain based on British partner and child

Brilliant service and sorted my immigration matter efficiently.


Lydia, Leicestershire
September 2018

Seven Year Child Rule – legal status granted to a family of overstayers

Satisfied and grateful to Greenfields Solicitors for the excellent work done in achieving our Visas.

Mr R Shaikh, London
September 2018

Legal advice

A smart firm, good at what they do.


Joseph Omeji, Manchester
August 2018

EA Family Permit granted based on durable relationship

Thanks thanks thanks really I don’t have any words to Say madam really thanks to ur team for making hard case into simple and getting success really you guys are best professional solicitor, I’ll recommend all my known friends and unknown people to contact your office to get success again thanks I feel my dream comes true plz guys just contact greenfield solicitor for any problem ………….

Puskar Singh, London
August 2018

Permission to appeal application at the Upper Tribunal

What can I say! This lady is the best of the best… She knows immigration law inside out she ripped the judges arguments and summations to SHREDS.. I have received my appeal notice thanks to her great work.
Sorry for the delay in responding this case was in February.

Maribeth Walkling, Middlesex
July 2018

Permanent Residence based on a durable relationship with an European National

We would like to give a big thank you to Greenfield Solicitors for helping us for the third time it ain’t easy doing applications on your own im very happy to have found Greenfield Solicitors a few years ago i’ve been with them ever since thy have always been professional and 100% true and accurate on there advice and application process i would recommend not just anyone but everyone to seek advice and help from Greenfield Solicitors and with the moment of meeting these wonderful people you would be able to see why i have chosen to stay with them for more than 5 years knowing that with them by my side i feel assured, free and i can continue with my life and not worry about whether or not i’ll be in the UK tomorrow i would like to have explained in more detail about why i recommend them but it would not be professional going into detail about my case or in this instance cases however i can assure you my cases were no easy task. Thank you again.

Morris Holtzhauzen, London
June 2018

Overstayer granted Discretionary Leave based on his British partner and child

Thank you very much to Mrs. Raheela and Ms. Anita for their expertise in immigration matter. We are very happy for the successful outcome and that was “GRANTED”. Excellent and brilliant Greenfields solicitors. THANK YOU VERY MUCH..

Mr Denis M, West Sussex
June 2018

Indefinite Leave to Remain based on leave to remain

I am very impressed with the service I received. Always successful outcome and very positive people. I have been with them since 2010 and they have always been there to help me and fight for me and I have used them again and again for my visa renewals. I now have indefinite leave to remain in the UK because of all their hard work for me. I would highly recommend others to go to Greenfields Solicitors if you have immigration problems. Thank you very much Greenfields Solicitors!

Mr Emeka U, London
June 2018

Overstayer granted Discretionary Leave based on his British partner and child

A fantastic outcome result , after a tough 6 years battle of being lost whome to trust and put hope on with to legalise my statue . I would love to thank greenfield solicitors in general , and raheela hussain in particular ,for being there , giving me the right advice and right application to go for !!
Today I can not express my gratitude to greenfield solicitors for their great work process to go through it all .

Thank you very much again 🙂

Abdessamad Elmaliky, Middlesex
May 2018

Extension of Discretionary Leave to Remain

I have been with Greenfields Solicitors, since 2010. They provide a very professional, efficient and helpful services on what they do. I have been very grateful with the services that they provided. Anyone that I know who’s in need of Immigration problems will definitely be referred to Greenfields Solicitors as they are simply the best at their services. I would recommend anyone to not hesitate to contact them for any Immigration help as they are the best in what they do.

On behalf of my family, we say a very BIG thank you to the team at Greenfields Solicitors.

Chernor Kamara, Essex
May 2018

Overstayer granted Discretionary Leave based on his British partner…

The last 24 hours have been one of the most happiest days of our lives as God used the team at Greenfields Solicitors, under the leadership of Mrs. Hussain, to regularize my stay in the United Kingdom.

Finding a good solicitor can be so stressful and challenging but fortunately, I came across one of the Mrs. Hussain’s You Tube videos discussing various immigration matters.

I called Mrs. Hussain over the phone and arranged an appointment with her to discuss how to regularize my overstayer status. A few days later, I travelled from the East Midland to London to discuss the possibility of Greenfields handling my case. I must confessed that when I got to her office, I was skeptical and filled with negativity in regards to my immigration status but Mrs. Hussain calmly gave me assurance that something could be done to rectify my overstayer status.

I discussed at length with Mrs. Hussain the details of my case and she recommended the best option. Her expertise are paramount and like none other.

The team helped me to apply for Discretionary Leave To Remain in the United Kingdom and to my utmost surprise, I received a phone call from Greenfields on April 16, 2018 and I was told that my application has been successfully within a short period of 5-months.

The team at Greenfields endeavoured to ensure that my application was successful. My family and I can’t thank you enough for the work you have done enabling us to enjoy family life in the United Kingdom together.

Once again, thank you very much for your hard work as you turned my sadness to happiness!

Opeyemi Adesina, East Midlands
April 2018

Overstayer granted Discretionary Leave based on his British partner and child…

A fantastic outcome result, after a tough 6 years battle of being lost whom to trust and put hope on with to legalise my status. I would love to thank greenfield solicitors in general, and Raheela Hussain in particular, for being there, giving me the right advice and right application to go for !!
Today I cannot express my gratitude to greenfield solicitors for their great work process to go through it all.
Thank you very much again 🙂

Abdessamad Elmaliky, Middlesex
April 2018

Renewal of Leave to Remain visa

Thank you once again, Greenfields Solicitors for an excellent, honest and friendly service.

Thank you Raheela and your team.

Amilcar O., Suffolk
March 2018

An application submitted for Legal Status….

I am extremely happy and impressed with the excellent services, help, and support I have received from Mrs Hussain and Ms Anita. From my first consultation to my attendance for case work, to sending my application I was kept informed and updated about everything. Thank you, Mrs Hussain and Ms Anita I am very pleased with your professional services.


Sweta, Leicester
March 2018

7 year old child route…

100% excellent brilliant service by Greenfields Solicitors. I am very happy and my family is very happy! I would recommend anyone I know to this firm, they have made me and my family legal in the UK, thank you so much!

Waheed Ahmed, London
March 2018

Overstayer lady granted Discretionary Leave based on her private life in the UK…

After seeing many solicitors telling me that my case was difficult, I came across Greenfields solicitors and explained my situation to Raheela Hussain and she decided to take my case. I thank her and her team for their amazing work. This afternoon, I received good news from her telling me that my application has been successful. Right now, I am over the moon and want to express my gratitude to her for taking my case even if my case seemed impossible.

Raheela, I don’t have word to tell you how you have changed my life. Because of you and your team, I can plan my future, live life and dream again.  
As a Christian, I thank God for connecting me to you and for working wonder through you and your team. You have been a blessing for me and I wish you all the best for the future. I pray that many people will be blessed by getting in contact with you.

I really recommend Greenfields solicitors for those like me whose cases seem impossible. They are the BEST!

Gisele B., London
February 2018

Spouse visa advice…

Excellent advice & service. Professional staff at practice.
Adam M., Middlesex
February 2018

Entry clearance appeal for a child to settle in the UK with his mother…

I am very pleased with the services provided by Greenfields solicitors. Thank you all.
Allison A., Watford
February 2018

Overstayer granted Discretionary Leave based on his British family members…

Greenfields Solicitors have been fantastic! They are very approachable and helpful. They helped get me legal status within a few months of sending my case to the Home Office and were very reassuring throughout the process. I am overjoyed by the successful result as I have been granted discretionary leave to remain to stay in the UK and I’ve had the best Xmas and new year thanks to them! Keep up the great work Greenfields Solicitors and keep making dreams come true!

N Shah, Hertfordshire
January 2018

Thank you for the great work you have done

Hello Raheela,

Happy new year from my family to you and your great team. I hope you well. I want to thank you for the great work you have done for me when I approached you for your services.

Keep the great work you doing.

God bless you.


Mr Demawu, Reading
January 2018

We are all together for Xmas, which is great!

Hi Mrs Hussein,
Thanks for your help with Pete’s visa this year – he got it!
We are all together for Xmas which is great.
Many thanks!

Katy, London
December 2017

Outstanding Professionals And Very Human.

I approached Greenfields Solicitors after my initial visa application was refused and I ended up being an over stayer. I was facing the prospect of being deported away from my lovely wife and beautiful children, but from the very first moment I met Raheela Hussain and Charity, the immigration lawyers, I walked out of their office feeling as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

I had looked around before, but could not find anyone who gave me the same feeling of confidence as Greenfields Solicitors and from the very beginning of the entire process right to very end, I felt so confident as Raheela and Charity showed me impeccable professionalism.

They handled my case for discretionary Leave to remain with care and I was amazed by their remarkable attention to the detail. Despite the amount of paper work they had to go through, they were quick to spot any mistake that they thought would ruin my case. More to that, the accessibility I had to them was fantastic and their advice was second to none and proved to be one of strongest weapons that helped me win this case. But most importantly, they are human in the sense that, time and time again they put my mind at rest and left me feeling confident and not alone throughout the entire process. They were able to turn my hopeless life into a new and better one!! In addition to that, they are genuinely nice caring people and without them, my family and I would have been separated.

For any complicated immigration matters, I highly recommend them because for me, Greenfields Solicitors is simply the best.

Lusako, London
December 2017

Discretionary Leave to Remain extension granted to an Overstayer on the basis of having a British partner and child

A big thank you to Madam Raheela. It was our best decision to meet you for my wife’s Immigration matter. Madam Raheela means what she says. She is having Straightforward approach and outstanding expertise in Laws. I have Only three words to say for Greenfields Solicitors : Excellent, Excellent and Excellent…..


C Patel, London
November 2017

Various Entry Clearance Visas from the British Embassy in Cairo

I have used Greenfields on two occasions now and both times have received excellent service from both Ms Hussain & her team. She succeeded on my case after everyone else told me that it would be impossible! Me & my family were able to be together and that was all thanks to Greenfields. I would highly recommend their services.

Natasha, Northampton
October 2017

Overstayer case and in-country Right of Appeal

Greenfields Solicitors are the best in the business. A big THANK YOU to Miss Hussain and Charity for the tremendous support and hard work. If you have a complicated immigration matter, give them a call and you won’t be disappointed.

Julieth, Liverpool
October 2017

Discretionary Leave to Remain extension granted to an Overstayer on the basis of having a British partner and children

Had a complicated case to put forward and nobody wonted to help. Greenfields did. Everything was explained very well including all my options and my mind was put at ease knowing that my case was in the hands of such a good and knowledgeable company. There knowledge allowed me to stay with my family through the process. I can’t thank them enough and will be recommending their services and will be using them again in future.

Thank you for your hard work.

John Wheeler, Buckinghamshire
October 2017

Spouse Visa Appeal– September 2017

Just wanted to say Huge Thank You to Ms Raheela Hussain and the team (Aneeta, Charity) and off-course fantastic Barrister Mr Azhar Chohan. The entire team have been God send for me. They have re-united me and my wife after number of years living apart from each other. With blessing from God and there (Greenfield Solicitors) hard work i am now living very happily with my wife in UK under one roof.

I cant begin to describe what this means to me and my wife and our families but all i know is its the best thing ever happened to me after going through a lot pain and suffering for number of years.

Would i recommend Greenfield Solicitors i would say defiantly yes , purely because they have delivered they good for me.

Thanks again to Raheela and team (Greenfield Solicitors) and Mr Azhar Chohan for reuniting us. May God Bless you all.

Mr and Mrs Tariq, Middlesex
September 2017

Discretionary Leave to Remain extension application – August 2017

Thanks to Greenfield Solicitors again for getting me another successful result on my visa renewal application. Have used their firm on many occasions and am always happy with their work and service. Will recommend their service to anyone who needs the best immigration solicitors, go to Greenfields Solicitors.

Melron, East Sussex
August 2017

Human Rights appeal- July 2017

I am very happy and pleased with the excellent service provided by the team at Greenfield Solicitors. They are very efficient dealing with every query and concerns I had in a timely manner, I didn’t have to chase them for any responses (it was the other way around).
They never once showed any disrespected towards both my partner and I, they treated us with integrity and was honest about everything and most importantly, they did not treat us as clients instead more like friends. I would happily recommend this amazing firm to anyone seeking 1st Class Immigration advice and representation.

Thank you Raheela and your amazing team.

Bryan, London
July 2017

Spouse visa appeal- July 2017

Would like to say a massive thank you to Greenfields Solicitors, I’m very glad I chose them to represent my husband’s case as he has been granted his appeal, they are very professional and always try their level best to help. I would recommend anyone facing the same situation as me to contact Greenfields Solicitors.

Mrs K Kayani, High Wycombe
July 2017

Discretionary Leave to Remain granted to an Overstayer

Thank you so very much Greenfields. I am the happiest person alive right now. after going from lawyers to lawyers in the past I had lost hope I even labelled my case ‘Complicated’ but not for Raheela and her staffs. It took 4 months! They are so professional and thorough and never gave false hope but yet showed they cared and understood your situation. Thank you again.

June 2017

Human Rights appeal- June 2017

Excellent service, honest advice, and friendly atmosphere, treated us as friends not just clients

Thanks Raheela!


Lisa, London
June 2017

Overstayer case and in-country right of appeal- May 2017

I used to live in a real dark hidden life in the past with my immigration status up until I found Greenfields Solicitors. I had an impossible case and have tried to get in touch with few different immigration solicitors around the country with no any lucky, then one day while keep searching online, I came across some YouTube videos with so much up to date and very detailed informations on immigration.
The first time I spoke to Raheela, I knew straight away she is great with her job, and she has got such incredible energy and all the knowledge needed for a great solicitor.She handed my case in her best ability and always there whenever I needed to talk to her.I can not thanks Raheela and Greenfields term enough on how they have changed my life already.
If anybody has got any kind of problems or issues with their immigrations, I will highly recommended Greenfields Solicitors as their first choice as they are the most up to date with the present immigrations changes and honestly they will work to their most best ability with compassion, energy and positive outcome until the end.Their fees is very reasonable too.

May God bless Greenfields and keep Raheela strong to carry on doing the great job by helping people like me.

With great appreciation

Honora, Edinburgh
May 2017

Overstayer case- April 2017

Greenfields Solicitors have been very helpful and compassionate with my very difficult situation. They have given me the best advice to move forward and have made the impossible seem possible. I highly recommend anyone with any immigration matter to contact greenfields solicitors. You will not be disappointed.

Abel, London
April 2017

Indefinite Leave to Remain application –March 2017

Raheela is a very efficient , experienced , smart and caring solicitor. I gained a friend for life.

Dr Rand, Glasgow
March 2017

Discretionary Leave to Remain extension granted to an Overstayer on the basis of having a British wife- March 2017.

After 7 years of trying, with a number of different supposedly specialist solicitors and nearly giving up hope, we then found Raheela and Greenfields solicitors. They may not have plush offices but they certainly know their immigration law and will argue your case to the best of their ability (which is high). Honest, fair, to the point and with a high level of integrity – my husband and I cannot recommend them highly enough. We owe them everything and cannot thank them enough for helping us so much.

Youness and Paula, London
March 2017

Indefinite Leave to Remain- March 2017

I am very greatful for the support and help over the last 7 years that i have had from Miss Hussain Raheela. She has allowed me to lead a normal life with my family after i obtained a Leave to Remain in the United Kingdom . I never in my wild dreams thought that possible after a very bad start. She is very professional and supportive . She is not a time wasting individual and if she feels that your case is impossible or not something she can deal with, she lets you know instantly. I like the fact that she tells you things as they are, she does not paint a rosy picture just to get you to sign in. She is very good . I would recommend her to anyone. She is that good i would put my life in her hands. If you are looking for FACTS , Miss Hussain is the right solicitor for you. She has the knowledge too. Thank you so much for the opportunity to lead a normal life, which i only had after your support. God bless you.

Louise Balinya, London
March 2017

Overstayer case for a lady with British family members- February 2017

Thank You Very Much Madam. I have experienced a straightforward approach given by you to your clients on their immigration matters. It’s so kind of you. As we feel ourselves lucky to have you here in the UK as it was our best decision to meet you and get the best advice to put a step forward. May God bless you for all your priceless guidance to the generation to come.

Mr and Mrs Patel, London
February 2017

Naturalisation as a British Citizen – November 2016

The best best best solicitors ever seen! Very grateful, it was fast and efficient to get my nationality and would recommend to anyone! Thank you.

Jessica, London
November 2016

Appeal to the Upper Tribunal for Discretionary Leave to Remain based on private life- November 2016

My journey began in January 2015. What a rude awakening that was! I have never been so desperate and terrified. After a couple of bad and unsatisfactory legal consultations, I found Ms Hussain. I was uncontrollably scared and panicking but Raheela was able to calm me down on our very first telephone conversation.

Brief Background: I left the UK with an expired visa. I was then allowed temporary admission into the country during which I obtained good, honest legal advice from Greenfields solicitors and so we submitted an urgent human rights application based on my private life in the UK. I had nothing to return to in SA. So you can imagine how hard it was for me when my application was refused by the Home Office. Raheela was very upfront and honest about the prospects of my case and always told me what my options were – which were honestly non-existent at that point. I was amazed at how she was always up to date with the immigration law and immediate changes thereof. She then advised that we appeal against the decision. The solicitors were very helpful and knowledgeable every step of my long dreaded 18 months up until winning the application at the Upper Tribunal and obtaining the BRP to lawfully live and work in the UK. I had lost hope and did not think it was possible. Everything looked so bleak. I have Ms Hussain to thank for my success. If it hadn’t been for her knowledge as well as compassion – she was very caring and sympathetic throughout; I would have lost hope and lost everything I have. I can honestly say that, they are one of the best in the country. If you seek honest advise and need a hard working law firm, do not even think twice. Greenfields solicitor come highly recommended. I am forever grateful to them and I will always consult with Raheela for further advise when needed in the future.

Tahlita - London
November 2016

Human Rights/Detention case- October 2016

Raheela and Charity are by far one of the most compassionate people out there. They made me and my wife at ease and reassured us in times when we needed to be. They are very professional and have dealt with my wife’s complex case quite well. They respond promptly and ensure that we are updated with the progress of our case. I cannot thank them enough for their hard work. I specially mention Ms Raheela Hussain, who is an impeccable human rights and immigration solicitor. To anyone seeking specialist advice, look no further.

Indira and Dhorrem, London
October 2016

Spouse visa extension- October 2016

I had previously been with another solicitor who had claimed to be able to help me get leave to remain, whilst on a sixth month visiting visa.

After being let down many times and loosing lot of money, I found salvation with greenfield solicitors.

Ms Raheela showed excellent calm under pressure and immediately advised me to leave the country and gave me great advise and was very quick to act and in a matter of a short time she had put a case together for me and i felt reassured and I never felt like I wasn’t going to see my husband again, dispite overstaying.

I am happy to recommend Greenfields solicitors and have used them again to extend my visa. I felt there fees are reflected in their service and job. I will definatly use them again for my indefinite.

Bibi, London
October 2016

Deportation Appeal of an EEA National- September 2016

I would like to thank Raheela and Mr Chohan from Greenfields Solicitors for they exceptionally professional work on my case, fighting deportation order. Home office did everything possible to deny my right to live and work in UK and I’m 100% sure that my and my family’s life would be destroyed if not for Raheela’s and Mr Chohan’s 100% commitment, dedication, professionalism and above all expertise in Immigration Law. THANK YOU!

Mr M. Z, Hull
September 2016

Discretionary Leave to Remain for a gentleman under Article 8 private life won at the Upper Tribunal- September 2016

If I could I would get a big banner saying “Best Solicitor” and place it outside your practice! 🙂 The honest truth is that a very respected and experienced Barrister from another firm earlier on in my legal case thought that he could not find anything substantial to make a case before the courts and that it would of been a waste of time and money. But you on the other hand in my opinion being more experienced in a lot of ways especially from the point of seeing cases through from start to finish could see that there were legal grounds to argue. I remembered you even mentioned to me the few things that the other Barrister did not take into consideration or missed after we had that conference call.

I had the best legal team I could have asked for with great expertise, experience etc, but and also in the sense of personal care as human beings. I was as honest as could be, and with your help, God brought the favour and a favourable outcome in the end.

I’m very thankful to you and under your instruction, Azhar did fantastic work, Charity has been nothing but good to me also.

Kind Regards,

Andre, Middlesex
September 2016

Casework session in order to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain- July 2016

I first learned about Greenfields Solicitors while flicking through YouTube. I listened to Raheela explaining how to submit correctly application for Leave to Remain in different circumstances. It seemed clear as daylight. I decided to contact her by phone.The first encounter was a meeting over the phone. She listened to my situation and then recommended the application form to fill. What was most helpful was advising me the form to fill and how to provide the necessary evidence required for that sort of application. She knows her stuff and that comes out by the simplicity of explanation. Very easy to understand and never confusing the listener.

The second and last meeting was face to face in her office where she went through the application form I had completed. There were a lot of crucial mistakes I had made. She edited all these mistakes and replaced them with correct information and some legal publications and quotations in law to support my application. I would never have known about these publications and legal quotations if it was not for her experience and legal knowledge. The application had no problems when it was finally submitted. My experience is that those applications are very tricky, and one is likely to miss crucial evidence that can fail the application. My advice to those seeking to apply for any Visa is to see Raheela. She can save you from headache and loss of money if an application encounters those tricky hurdles in these application forms. ” A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE”

Stephen, London
July 2016

Discretionary Leave to Remain extension granted to an Overstayer on the basis of having a British partner – July 2016

We would like to thank the team at Greenfields Solicitors for their excellent work, kindness and understanding of our complicated circumstances.

We would like to express our sincere and heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for your highly professional and competent services.
The outstanding support you provided for us was above and beyond anything we had received from our previous representatives, arriving, against the odds, at a most satisfactory outcome to our case.

We already have, and will continue to, highly recommend your firm as and when the appropriate conditions arise.

Edmond and Michelle, Essex
July 2016

Discretionary Leave to Remain extension granted to an Overstayer – June 2016

Very professional people, I had a complicated case, Greenfield solicitors handled my case after a telephone enquiring was booked to see the solicitor, after providing all the necessary documents , my case was field to the home office , within days got a 1st reply . After several weeks I was granted with limited leave to remain. My case didn’t go to court which was very impressive. I will seek/ use their services again. Very efficient , straight forward. Thank you Greenfields Solicitors.

Marie, Norfolk
June 2016

Entry Clearance for a spouse visa from the British Consulate in New York by a previous overstayer in the UK, June 2016

I work for the Citizens Advice Bureau and can tell you that finding a Solicitor today who is up to date on Immigration Rules and the fast paced changing Immigration Laws can be a challenge. I was extremely pleased with the professional, thorough and very high standard of work submitted on my behalf to the Home Office regarding my Immigration matter. Raheela Hussain was available to answer my many questions, she kept me informed and consistently maintained a positive and pleasant attitude; even when my case became difficult and required a completely different approach under a tough deadline Ms. Hussain maintained the high standard of work and ethics. Moreover, Charity was a pleasure to work with as well and always willing to go that extra mile. Therefore, I highly recommend Greenfield Solicitors. Furthermore, I have passed on their information to many others already and can assure you they are the first firm I would call in the future.

Richard, Somerset
June 2016

Switching from Tier 4 (General) visa to a spouse visa, in-country- May 2016

Thanks to Greenfields Solicitors, my wife got her spouse visa ( she switched from a Tier 4 student visa) in a matter of a few short weeks. They guided us on the process perfectly and explained and helped us whenever we had a question. The process was smooth and I found the team at Greenfields Solicitors to be friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and we are very grateful what you have done for us, word can’t describe. I would really recommended them to anyone who needs help in their immigration case.

Charlie and Thi, London
May 2016

Application for leave to remain for an overstayer based on being the parent of a British citizen child- April 2016

Greenfields Solicitors are very professional and approach their work with great detail and urgency. From the very first time I contacted them, I was very impressed by how knowledgeable and up to date they were with the Home Office immigration rules and they gave me the best possible advice. Since submitting my visa application, they have kept me constantly updated.

When the Home Office wrote back to say that all my documents are highly likely to have been destroyed in a Royal Mail depot during the recent flooding, I was particularly impressed and relieved that Greenfields Solicitors kept a scanned copy of all the documents (over hundred of them) they submitted to the Home Office on my Behalf.

If you are looking for good immigration solicitors, or want the best possible advice about your immigration matter, I recommend Greenfields Solicitors.

Emmanuel, West Yorkshire
April 2016

Entry clearance for a Spouse visa at the British High Commission Jamaica- April 2016

We first approached Greenfields Solicitors after it was recommended by a friend whose application had been successful. My (now) husband had been an overstayer for 12 years. From the beginning Raheela made us feel confident that our application would be granted. It is very evident that Raheela and her team are very passionate about their jobs and their clients.

They were so down to earth, efficient, knowledgeable and professional, that they made the whole application stress free. We cannot thank Raheela and Charity enough- my husband’s visa was granted a few days ago and we cannot wait to start the next chapter of our lives together. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone who needs help with their immigration status.

Rachael and David, London
April 2016

Discretionary Leave to Remain extension granted to an Overstayer who has children – April 2016

I’ve had my documents with the home office for a very long time and almost gave up at some point but then, I found out about Greenfields solicitors. After unsuccessful attempts in the past, with their help, i.e Ms Raheela and the team, their professional advise, their solid hard work, within a few months, I got my right to stay and I’m now legitimately residing in the United Kingdom. It don’t get no better when you find a firm who knows exactly what they’re doing. TRY THEM.

April 2016

Discretionary Leave to Remain extension granted to an Overstayer family based on private and family life under Article 8 ECHR- March 2016.

This is the second time we have used Greenfields Solicitors matter, we had trust in them that they would do a good job in our family case. Returning to South Africa was not an option for us as we have been in the UK for 11 years. We had overstayed our visas but we very confident in the advice given as it was very helpful. Greenfields Solicitors put an application to the Home Office and within 4 months, our family members were granted legal status to stay in England, just as Greenfields Solicitors has advised. We are extremely pleased with the result and would like to thank Greenfields for their professionalism. We will certainly use them again.

Fourie Family
March 2016

Discretionary Leave to Remain extension granted to an Overstayer – March 2016

I have been overwhelmed by the service i was given by Greenfields solicitors. They are highly professional and extremely efficient. I had spent years and a lot of money on various law firms in order to get my stay sorted out, with all of them failing and me continuously spending more and more money. Then i went with Greenfields solicitors and within a few months they had achieved a result for me, leaving me without a doubt they are the best in the business. I would highly recommend them to any who have lost hope, for they do walk the extra mile for their clients. I will always be grateful to them.

Carlton Musavengana
March 2016

Discretionary Leave to Remain extension granted to an Overstayer based on private and family life under Article 8 ECHR- January 2016.

Special thanks goes to Raheela Hussain and her unique hard working group at Greenfield Solicitors . I and my family had no one to turn to because my Immigration case was a difficult one, my visa got expired and every Solicitor that my wife and I saw told us there is no hope that I will be considered for my stay but rather deported back home to Ghana but when I got in touch with Greenfield solicitors they patiently and politely explained and advised me of how they were going to help me, at first I thought I was dreaming because they made things easy and right assured for me and their communication was perfect and they kept me up date of everything. Their fees are affordable and good compared to other Solicitors I have been to. They took my case early last year and by God grace through Greenfield Solicitors I got discretionary leave to remain this beginning of a new year January 2016. God richly bless Greenfield Solicitors for your excellent and good news you have given me and my family in 2016. It does not matter the kind of immigration problem you find yourself in no matter the country and religion you are from or the colour of your skin I assuredly recommend Greenfield Solicitors to you and you will never regret and you will also give a good testimony .

Thanks once again Greenfield Solicitors.

Samuel, Londo
January 2016

Discretionary Leave to Remain extension for 3 years based on family life under Article 8 ECHR- December 2015.

Special thanks to Raheela Hussain helped us our Family through our further application (DL) Leave to remain in UK, played a paramount role and very professional, Efficient, Responsive and much Knowledgeable at the heart of success in this Field .Well done and above all utmost Recommendation goes to your team and company.
Thanks may God bless you.

P.Ezekel, Coventry
December 2015

Discretionary Leave to Remain appeal based on private life under Article 8 ECHR- September 2015.

I came across Greenfields Solicitors whilst browsing online desperately in search of some legal representation. I was in a very hopeless and desperate situation with my immigration status. I had also heard great things about Ms Raheela Hussain as she was recommended by an online client. Prior to contacting her firm, I had sought some legal advice but the wasn’t any sense of urgency and priority like I’ve experienced with Greenfields solicitors.

Ms Raheela acted immediately, in a very limited short space of time and got the job done so quickly. I could not believe how fast things moved. As soon as I picked up my phone and made that call to them, I felt that I was talking to a very sincere and kind person who had a lot of experience with distressed clients who suddenly found themselves in unfavourable situations. Ms Raheela Hussain sensed that I was in a state of shock, scared and in a panic. To this day, I am forever grateful at how she spoke so direct, honest and with clarity – reassuring, calming and able to help me regain composure and tackle the issue.

Ms Raheela Hussain knows what she is doing. She gives very good, detailed instructions, she is upfront and respectful in her approach. I am grateful and lucky to have been one of her clients. She has helped so many and will continue to fight for rights of the people who are truly in need and unfortunate. I cannot thank her enough for all the help and work she has done for me.

I fully recommend Greenfields solicitors and I am confident that you will get the service you need. Their fees are very affordable and reasonable. You are always kept up to date and know about your case throughout. Without a doubt, I will definitely use them again if things go wrong.

Tahlita, London
September 2015

Discretionary Leave to Remain granted based on an overstayer having a British partner and British child- September 2015.

Due to our difficult circumstances and 2 failed visa applications we had almost run out of hope, until we contacted Raheela at greenfields solicitors. She was professional yet compassionate and always willing to deal with our enquiries. We are now ready to live a proper life with the proper freedoms we deserve as a family. We can’t thank all of the staff enough, you have given us the right to live with dignity as a family together.

Sami and Shannoo, London
September 2015

Human Rights appeal allowed based on family life under Article 8 ECHR-September 2015.

I highly recommend Greenfields solicitors and would like to Thank Raheela Hussain & all your colleagues to. My husband is from the carribean and I have lived in the UK all my life with our four children, which meant I desperately needed him here for support. It was a journey in itself trying to get him his stay in the UK but it was worth the stress as we finally got what we wanted. I could not have asked for a better solicitor as Raheela Hussain and her team who were genuine whilst remaining professional at all times, they always met deadlines & was able to help us through any obstacles that were in our way.
Our family is now complete and we are extremely grateful.


Darren and Akosia, Essex
September 2015

Discretionary Leave to Remain granted for 3 years based on private life under Article 8 ECHR- August 2015.

Customer orientated and professional approach. We got the best service with excellent communication.

Mr Chamroo, Sussex
August 2015

Further extension of leave to remain for a 3 year period- July 2015

I have used Greenfields solicitors for the second time now. After my first experience with them, it was a no brainer that, when I came to need their services again ,that I would not look elsewhere. Each time I have needed Greenfields,I have experienced a very friendly and professional service; an honest assessment of my situation, an honest assessment of the likely outcome and a clear explanation of the approach, strategy Greenfields will take in assisting me.

Dealing with immigration issues is, at best, very stressful. I have always come out of dealings with Greenfileds reassured, not because they promise me an outcome, but because of their honest and professional approach. Greenfields go out of their way to do more than what is required to ensure a successful outcome.

I cannot recommend them enough; they are worth it!.

Spencer, London
July 2015

Discretionary Leave to Remain granted for 2.5 years under Legacy case- June 2015

After going roun and round to other solicitors I had given up hope then I found Greenfields and dealt with Raheela who was great always keeping us up to date and advising us and supporting and most of all worked on our case, I was so stressed because last 4 years been messed with others and last 3 years , Raheela had given us some hope and if you stick with her, trust me, you won’t regret it because good things comes to those who wait and I will never be able to thank Greenfields for what they have done. Thank you for your hard work and support and being their for us and most of all the work you have done for us.

Laila and Faisal, London
June 2015

Leave to Remain based on long residence of 20 years in the UK- June 2015

Very professional, good understanding of my case, felt at ease with my solicitor Ms Raheela Hussain. The service I received from Greenfields Solicitors, was worth the time involved. They dealt with my case efficiently and effectively. I am a very satisfied costumer, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an Immigration and Human Rights solicitor.

Martha Castaneda, London
June 2015

Discretionary Leave to Remain granted for 2.5 years following an appeal hearing- May 2015

The services rendered by Greenfields Solicitors is exceptional. I recently applied for a DLR and was refused.Raheela, adviced I go for an appeal and all the paper works were carried out.The fact that Raheela, was always very detailed and straightforward gave me assurance I was on the right track.Glad to say I won the appeal. Thanks

Amanda, London
May 2015

Discretionary Leave to Remain granted to an overstayer based on his family life–April 2015

I’d never had need for a solicitor before so i didn’t know where to start, but my partner found Greenfields Solicitors online and after reading nothing but positive reviews she was quite confident about hiring the services of the firm in my DLR case. Raheela has been very accommodating, answered every question i asked no matter how stupid or trivial i thought it was. She was completely open about what the situation was and what needed to be done. I was given nothing but sound advice. She treated my case with the utmost importance and won it for me!

Thank you Raheela for all you have done for me and my family. Thank you for your patience and diligence. We will forever be grateful. Greenfields are the best in my opinion!

Mr Naze, Essex
April 2015

Discretionary Leave to Remain 3 year extension– April 2015 

I’m very grateful for your assistance Ms Hussain. With the complexity of my DLR applications you held it together superbly, you understood from the outset the particular nature of my needs. I must commend your impeccable attention to detail and pragmatism, you were prompt in making contact with me and kept me updated all the time. Hardworking and Trustworthy. VERY ON THE BALL, BRILLIANT STUFF!!!

You carried out the work professionally & your persistence (and humour to go with it) was invaluable, it is clear that you genuinely put every effort to try helping me through my case.

Thanks again for your friendly approachable manner. GREENFIELDS SOLICITORS ARE THE BEST. I will definitely comeback when needed in the future and recommend you to anyone. I wish you and your team all the best!!!

Simba, Suffolk
April 2015

Variation of spouse visa to Discretionary Leave to Remain – April 2015

It was a pleasure working with Greenfields Solicitors. I worked with them to help me acquire a FLR visa to extend my stay in the United Kingdom. I was dreading the arduous and bureaucratic process, but the team of Greenfield Solicitors, led by the ever energetic Ms Raheela Hussain, were very professional and efficient. They helped the procedure go very smoothly. Raheela demonstrated extensive firsthand experience, both in matters relating to legalities around immigration and also matters relating to “what needs to be done with the right paperwork (so necessary for such processes)”. In short, they had a thorough understanding of the entire immigration process. From your first conversation with Raheela, you immediately become aware of her integrity and commitment, and moreover, the passion she exudes for her work. Concerns I raised were immediately addressed. Phone calls were answered in a timely manner. Information I requested about the process was promptly forwarded. And there was never a complaint from her staff. They were courteous and attentive, making me feel that my case was the only one being handled by the firm, when in reality I possibly was likely one of the many clients. That’s right, Greenfields Solicitors rightly appear to have gained a reputation as the “go-to” firm for immigration cases. Somewhere I felt, that Raheela believes that immigrants have played a pivotal role in making the UK a great place and this shows in her approach in assisting them in the right way. I received my visa in record time. Thanks to the team for all their help!

Danish, London
April 2015

Discretionary Leave to Remain granted to an overstayer based on his family life– March 2015

Hi Raheela 

I’m writing this email full of joy and would like to formally thank you for your legal prowess and lodging a comprehensive and outstanding application on my behalf. As a result, The Home Office’s ‘hands’ were tied and you left them with no option but to grant me limited leave to remain for 30 months. The next hurdle, I believe, will be easier to pass now that you have regularised my unlawful stay in the UK.

I thank you for your brilliant legal advice, tact, dedication and understanding. You were able to ease my “scares” and concerns. Having sleepless nights over this is now, for me, a thing of the past. I can now live with my family and work with a peace of mind.

You are a prolific solicitor indeed! May your law firm and career continue to grow!!

With great appreciation,



Ranga, Surrey
March 2015

Switching from Tier 4 (General) migrant to Discretionary Leave to remain status based on Human Rights –February 2015

Raheela is an amazing solicitor who knows what she is doing. I found Greenfields Solicitors through internet and was slightly sceptical in the beginning but once I had consultation with Raheela I was satisfied and confident that my case would be handled with care. I was very satisfied the way the case was dealt with. I would recommend it to anyone who is in doubt. I came to Greenfields Solicitors when every other solicitor in London told me not to go ahead with my case. But the results were positive. I can’t be thankful enough. 10/10.


Samita, Birmingham
February 2015

Indefinite to Leave based on continuous residence –February 2015

I am writing to thank you for the excellent work you did for me. Words cannot give my appreciation or justice. You were superbly efficient and professional. Your foresight on all matters on my case was truly remarkable. You have given us a life. I owe the success of my case to your dedication and perseverance, which you showed throughout the time that you were handling my case. It goes without saying that I will always refer to your firm if the need ever arises that I shall need legal assistance again.

Elvy, London
February 2015

Switching from Tier 4 (General) migrant to Discretionary Leave to Remain status based on private life– February 2015

I had a bad experience with a previous solicitor firm so I was quite cautious when I came to Green field solicitors. After reading fantastic reviews I decided to give it a try to instruct them with my case. At my first consultation section, I was initially impressed with the in depth knowledge of immigration matters of Ms R Husain and she was in charge of my case. During that time, she was always very patient, dedicated and supportive. She always keeps me updated about my case. Although my case is quite challenging, finally My DLR appeal has granted now. Thank you very much Raheela Hussain and your team.

Shihas, Hertfordshire
February 2015

Switching from Tier 4 (General) migrant to Discretionary Leave to Remain status based on private life– February 2015

Raheela, the principal solicitor has a very warm personality that makes you instantly comfortable. She was exceptional at helping me write my witness statement. Her prompting questions and guidance brought out facts that I had no idea was relevant to my case. These were fact that ended up forming the basis of my case.

She was always ready to discuss any question I had about my case. She was upfront with the fees and I did not pay more than we agreed. There were no hidden charges. The truth is that my case would not have had the positive outcome it has if not for God and Greenfield.

Fikayo, London
February 2015

Switching from Tier 4 (General) visa to Discretionary Leave to remain status –January 2015

I would recommend Greenfields solicitors to anyone requiring legal representation especially in Immigration Law. When I came to them in 2012, I had an impossible case. I was working on my dissertation, my university had refused to re-issue me a CAS letter, my partner for 5 years was also on her final year of her University course with a baby on the way. The rules demanded that my partner had to earn £18,600 to be able to sponsor me (which is impossible for a full-time student). At no point had anyone ever considered that two university students might fall in love. We were both confused on how to proceed, but Ms Raheela Hussain reassured us and fought hard for us.

Any worries I had Raheela was only a phone call away and always had an answer and as the immigration rules kept on changing, Greenfields solicitors always managed to find away forward and more importantly they always kept us informed and up to date.
In Dec 2013 the home office rejected my application but Raheela advised me to launch an appeal and prepared my case and thanks to her professionalism and attention to detail we won the case. Throughout the process, my case has been handled with care and a personal touch and my family and I remain forever grateful to their services.

Peter, Stoke on Trent
January 2015

Applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain from Spouse visa –January 2015

I love Greenfields solicitor very reliable and professional service I would 100% recommend them to any one with immigration issues.wonderful team Keep up the good work guys and thanks to Raheela Husain she is the best .thanks again for a wonderful job.

Ricardo, from Jamaica and now in London
January 2015

Greenfields helped me and my family through what was the most challenging situation.

Greenfields helped me and my family through what was the most challenging situation. With their amazing strategies and knowledge of the matter I was facing, they made me feel at ease. They informed me at all times of any update with regards to my case. They were ever so supportive to my family way out of the call of duty, they made me feel as though it was personal for them too. I would use Greenfields services without any hesitatation and would gladly recommend them to anyone in need of their professional expertise. They are professional, efficient, helpful and above all successful.

Mengo, Wales
December 2014

Indefinite Leave to Remain application- December 2014

I am writing to thank you for the excellent work you did for me. Words cannot give my appreciation justice. You were superbly efficient and professional. Your foresight on all matters on my case was truly remarkable. You have given us a life. I owe the success of my case to your dedication and perseverance, which you showered throughout the time that you were handling my case. It goes without saying that I will always refer to your firm if the need ever arises that I shall need any legal assistance again.

Elvy, Essex
December 2014

Switching from a Tier 4 (General) visa to Discretionary Leave to Remain –December 2014

I Found Greenfields Solicitors through internet and was slightly skeptical in the beginning but once I had consultation with Raheela I was satisfied and confident that my case would be handled with care. I was very satisfied with the way the case was dealt with. I would recommend it to anyone who is in doubt. I came to Greenfields Solicitors when every other solicitors in London told me not to go ahead with my case. But the results were positive. I can’t be thankful enough. 10/10.

Samita, Birmingham
December 2014

Switching from a visit visa to Discretionary Leave to Remain –November 2014

Greenfields quickly and clearly explained our options and took away all the doubt and uncertainty caused by the current immigration regulations. They were very knowledgeable, supportive and responsive.

Our family are now looking forward to Christmas together in the UK on a fully legal basis.

Thank you so much for your invaluable help. We could not have done it without you!

Wenjan, Hertfordshire
November 2014

Tier 4 (General) Appeal- October 2014

Many thanks to Greenfield solicitors. My student visa was refused I had very less time to appeal against the decision the first solicitor’s fee which I found was expensive and they required to pay all fees upfront. That was too much money to pay and all at once plus pay first with no installments is too difficult decision for everyone. Therefore, I started looking for another solicitor and luckily I found Greenfield solicitors from internet where you can pay by installments and hard work on your case. My result was positive and I am grateful to Greenfield Solicitors work. I hope this will help with your decision with the search of solicitors for your case. I truly recommend this company to everyone!

Thank you,

October 2014

Discretionary Leave to Remain Appeal –October 2014

Immigration matters can be very stressful and scary at times. But working with Greenfields Solicitor has been the most wonderful experience in my year of being a migrant. Their professionalism has undoubtedly help me succeed in my most ever complicated immigration issue throughout these years. They have been very sympathetic to my case and have genuinely assisted me to better visual the possibilities. I sincerely salut their incredible help towards my continuous stay in the UK.

Kadialy, Londo
October 2014

Discretionary Leave to Remain for an Overstayer- September 2014

Greenfields Solicitors has been Godsent. From their consultation to the application process their service was exceptional and getting a good response from the Home Office is always their target. The staff were very supportive and kept me informed throughout my application process. Thanks to Greenfields Solicitor for the wonderful and positive outcome on my application.

Sunday, London
September 2014

Entry clearance appeal for a husband to join his wife and child in the UK- September 2014

I have been so overwhelmed by the hard work & support Ms. Hussain (& her team) has provided to me. I wouldn’t be where I am now without her & I’m so grateful! They are very honest & not once mislad me, but when everyone else told me to give up they did so much for me. I very highly recommend their services. Thank you for everything you’ve done.

September 2014

Discretionary Leave to Remain as an adult dependant – August 2014

We would like to say very big thank you to Greenfields Solicitors Team and to Raheela personally for dealing with the immigration matter for our daughter. It was very difficult immigration case and complex demanding. When the Home Office refused our application, Raheela professionally prepared our appeal to the Court and we won. Unfortunately the Home Office appealed our successful decision which really upset us. But with Raheela’s support and very experienced Barrister we went through the court again and the case was ruled in our favour. We are so happy with this outcome and our family is together. We would never achieve it without Greenfields Solicitors Team. Raheela and her Team are highly skilled solicitors, very knowledgeable in their field and also very friendly people. They put a lot of efforts and time in our case. They were always there for us during this emotional time answering all our questions and guiding us in all those very difficult stages of this process. We appreciate so much what they have done for our family and wish them all success in future. We strongly recommend their services to anyone. Thank you so much, Greenfields Solicitors!

Elle, East Sussex
August 2014

Discretionary Leave to Remain variation application- June 2014

I would like to thank Miss Hussain and her legal team for the best possible immigration legal service I could have hoped for. When I came to Greenfields Solicitors I was already in a difficult immigration situation through personal circumstances. Upon my initial consultation I found Miss Hussain to be very professional, extremely competent, and also very understanding of my circumstances and knowing how to further my case. This already helped me tremendously to feel at ease that my legal case was being dealt with by the right firm. Throughout my legal case this was kept up to the highest standard and I would highly recommend Greenfields Solicitors to anyone for immigration matters. I’ve dealt with immigration solicitors in the past but Miss Hussain and her legal team has truly been the best I’ve come across.

Andre, London
June 2014

Consultation for initial advice- June 2014

About two years ago I contacted Greenfields Solicitors regarding an immigration matter. They dealt with me very efficiently and expeditiously. It was an appeal case regarding my father’s entry to the UK. I was very happy with the services and subsequently recommended some other people who were benefited as well. Even recently I got in touch with Ms Raheela Hussain for a separate immigration matter of my brother-in-law. I am completely happy and satisfied with the advice we have been given. The good thing is, Raheela is very straightforward and to the point. She explains various options and possibilities quoting specific law, other than giving false hopes.

I have complete confidence with the services that Greenfields Solicitors provides, and I have no hesitation to recommend anyone to go there for immigration matters.

Rafiul Karim
June 2014

Spouse Visa Appeal following refusal from the British High Commission in Nigeria-June 2014

Greenfields Solicitors led by Ms Raheela Hussain was able to provide me with excellent legal assistance on a difficult immigration matter relating to my spouse. Thanks to the helpful guidance that I received, the matter was satisfactorily resolved with the UK authorities. Greenfields’ fees provide good value for the expertise and guidance they provide and I recommend them highly.

Mr T, London
June 2014

Extension of Discretionary Leave to Remain- April 2014

Hello Raheela, Yay..What beautiful news
I knew everything would be alright, Greenfields Solicitors you guys are the best!!
I’m outside London until Sunday but I’ll come to collect my visa and documents from your office on Monday morning.
Thank you very much for all the help and support 🙂
Have a good day Raheela

Zeindy, London
April 2014

Application to obtain Indefinite Leave to Remain on the basis of 10 years continuous lawful residence- April 2014

I was very happy with the service I received and was very happy with the way Greenfields Solicitors deal with my immigration matters and would recommended them to anyone who required immigration services, thank you very much!

Lucille and family, London
April 2014

Extension of Discretionary Leave to Remain- April 2014

My name is Gilbert and I’ve used Greenfields Solicitors before when they helped me with my then difficult case to get residency in the UK. And now, I’ve come back to them again to use their services for a further visa extension which they have got for me. I highly recommend anyone looking for a good solicitor to use Greenfields Solicitors.

Gilbert, London
April 2014

Tier 4 (General) migrant who was granted legal status in the UK to remain with his British Partner and child- March 2014

After trying to change my visa from student to work permit and approaching several companies for help, I came to Greenfields Solicitors with my family situation and to renew my visa to leave to remain. They helped to put together my file and they were very helpful and kind. And within 30 days, I got my leave to remain visa. Thank you very much.

Melrone, Eastbourne
March 2014

Tier 4 (General) migrant who was granted legal status in the UK to remain with his Civil Partner, following a successful appeal hearing – March 2014

I found your website and was impressed. Having used Greenfields Solicitors, I can say that you have a team who are understanding, sympathetic, assertive, have very good communication and show encouragement.

Atif, East Sussex
March 2014

Returning Resident Appeal hearing ( initially refused by the British High Commission in Zimbabwe) – February 2014

Right from the start, Greenfields Solicitors impressed me with their efficient, professional manner- an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results were looking for. We needed an effective solution to bring my son back from Africa so that he could be with his family. By the work done through these solicitors, my son is back and has started rebuilding his future. Words can never be enough to express how grateful I am and my family are for the job well done.

Martha, London
February 2014

Overstayer who was granted Discretionary Leave to Remain- January 2014

Just to say thank you to all Greenfields staff, they are so friendly and honest and I was very happy with the service they provided. Would recommend anyone who has immigration problems to Greenfields. 

Mr E-, Hertfordshire.
January 2014

Overstayer who was granted Discretionary Leave to Remain- January 2014

I applied for discretionary leave to remain in the UK. When I told Ms Hussain my very complicated situation she understood straight away and told me I had a good chance. Me and my partner did this all through e-mail and telephone calls and she always kept us up to date and was very professional. Words cannot explain how happy I am and how grateful I am that Ms Hussain helped me to get my visa. Would highly recommend Greenfields Solicitors! Thank you Ms Hussain!

Amani, Blackpoo
January 2014

I am thankful to Greenfields Solicitors

Tier 1 (General) appeal

I noted dozens of solicitor contacts through internet & called them all before selecting Greenfields on the basis of the confidence they gave me in initial telephonic conversation. I would recommend Greenfields Solicitors because they give a realistic analysis of the clients case and and they made sure that it’s winnable before charging any fee. Committed to client’s cause, Ms Raheela was willing to send me to another solicitors if it could have helped when I shared the possibility of fresh application. I am thankful to Greenfields Solicitors for providing me with such a professional advice and taking my appeal process smoothly and winning it for me.

Juanid Syed, Middlesex

Junaid Syed
January 2014

Application for ILR based on long residence (November 2013)

Greenfields Solicitors has transformed my life. They are very understanding, efficient, and professional. Their consultation is very thorough and they were clear about the information I needed for the case. Raheela and her team worked tirelessly on my case, were very efficient and provided the best outcome. In my opinion, my best solicitors to date!

Jenifa, Kent
November 2013

Overstayer who was granted Discretionary Leave to Remain (September 2013)

It has been a pleasure using Greenfields Solicitors. The service was outstanding, reception amazing, knowledge of my case was at the tip of her finger. I know I did make the right choice coming to Greenfields Solicitors.

Paul , London
September 2013

Overstayer who was granted Discretionary Leave to Remain (September 2013)

They made me feel comfortable and were good. Whilst I have been waiting for my case they have been in contact with me and answered all my questions well. They are really good people.

Lydia, Birmingham
September 2013

Overstayer who was granted Discretionary Leave to Remain (September 2013)

Greenfields Solicitors dealt with my very complicated application for ILR thoroughly. They are obviously exceptional experts in their field. As soon as a I had the first consultation, I knew I was in good hands and my trust in them never waivered. If you need help with an Immigration matter I highly recommend Greenfields Solicitors.

Ryan, London
September 2013

Variation from Tier 4 to spouse visa on the basis of marriage (August 2013)

I was pleased to have found Greenfields Solicitors. I was very lost and scared on how to solve this immigration matter for my husband. Raheela explained to me step by step of the whole case and prepared us the UKBA in order my husband to get his spouse visa. I was very positive when we filed our case. We got a very quick response and result. Thank you Raheela 

Neeta, London
August 2013

EEA Residency card for an Overstayer (July 2013)

Greenfields Solicitors did a wonderful job getting me my Residency Card. They were very friendly and helpful. They were always there to answer my questions thank you so much Greenfields Solicitors.

Linda, London
July 2013

Extension of Discretionary Leave to Remain (July 2013)

I would recommend Greenfields Solicitors as they are professional. I am very grateful that Greenfields Solicitors handled my case. The outcome was what I hoped for. Many thanks.

Ishrat, London
July 2013

Overstayer who applied for Discretionary Leave to Remain based on family life/children rights (July 2013)

Greenfields Solicitors were my last stop for my immigration issue. They provide you with the best and true solution to your issues. I got my stay in the UK through them in just one year after using so many deceiving solicitors. Thank you Raheela (Principal Solicitor) for your help and support. You are the best solicitor and will always recommend you to everyone who need immigration help.

Anna, Colchester
July 2013

Overstayer who was granted Discretionary Leave to Remain based on family life (July 2013)

Greenfields Solicitors displayed professionalism, proficiency and empathy as well as the expertise I expected. From the time I first contacted them about my case and consistently thereafter. They were always available to answer my questions, kept me updated on my case and also offered words of encouragement; I maintained confidence in Greenfields Solicitors form start to finish. Thank you Greenfields Solicitors!

Natasha, Hemel Hempstead
July 2013

Overstayer who applied for Discretionary Leave to Remain based on family life (Article 8 Human Rights)(June 2013)

I would definitely recommend Greenfields Solicitors. My Indefinite Leave to Remain case was of a very tricky nature as my initial application had been denied by the UKBA. I had been advised by a number of other solicitors that I had no chance of winning in an appeal. However my solicitor at Greenfields was able to build a strong cased based on their expertise in these more difficult immigration matters. I won my appeal in the First Tier Tribunal, this was an appeal that most people thought I had no chance of winning. I also beat the UKBA in their counter appeal in the Upper Tier Tribunal, again in a case where most people thought I would lose and I strongly believe that this due to Greenfields’ fantastic preparatory work on each of these tribunal appearances. I would highly recommend them to anyone with a complex or indeed immigration matter.

Ben, London
June 2013

Overstayer who applied for Discretionary Leave to Remain based on family life (Article 8 Human Rights)(April 2013)

My friend stated that Greenfields Solicitors were the right place to deal with my situation and they are very good as well. I do recommend this company Greenfields Solicitors for they are very good and friendly people and very helpful in dealing with my situation. God bless to all the staff and more power.

Rosalie, Bournemouth
April 2013

Thank you Raheela

Thank you Raheela and Hatia for all your help over the last 2.5 years dealing with my wife’s appeal in 2010 and her right to remain Indefinitely in March 2013. Both were resolved with ease and the right conclusion. We couldn’t have done this without your professional help.

Many thanks.

Ian and Matthana

Ian Cairns, Hampshire
April 2013

Fantastic service, very professional and polite

Thank you so much! Words can’t describe how happy I am with the outcome of my case!!It’s more than I could have ever hoped for, I was expecting to be granted Discretionary but to be granted Indefinite leave to remain wow!! I feel like a new person!! Thank you so much!! and congratulations to your firm as well!!

January 2013

Very friendly Solicitors, very professional

At no time did Greenfields promise me anything but they laid out the situation as it is and what my realistic chances were. All my concerns were dealt with and the turn around time in my case was more than i could hope for. They were empathetic, friendly and very professional. I would not hesitate to recommend them to my friends and family.

Spencer, Essex
May 2012

Totally professional and efficient

I would like to say a very BIG thank you to Raheela for her all her help and professional support that she gave to me on on my immigration problem (overstayed). I had been advised by other professional Solicitors in London that I did not have a case for Residence Documentation- but it was not problem Greenfield Solicitors + they took on my case. I was kept in the loop at all times regarding the progress of my case and I can now thankfully say that I have my Residence card, something I never thought possible.
I found Greenfiled to be totally efficient and professional and all that I can say again is “Thank you Raheela’ for changing my life. I would highly recommend Greenfield solicitors to any clients as i know they will do their utmost to change your life.

Chantal, London
April 2012

Greenfields Solicitors are very honest

My case was very complicated even though I had a serious relationship with my partner. We had no biological children and we couldn’t get married in this country because my visa had expired. But Greenfields fought my case for me and they won it for me. I would highly recommend Greenfields Solicitors.

Peter Udensi, Colchester
April 2012

I felt trust and I felt confident with the Solicitors

I can’t thanks for the work the Solicitors did. So intelligent, understanding and patient. God bless the Solicitors because the Solicitors are excellent.

S.M.Erraez, London
March 2012

I highly recommend Greenfields Solicitors to other clients.

We are very grateful for your hard work and that we were able to get our visa within a month where in the past using different law firm our application was refused three times. Your firm provides excellent work, feedback and immigration knowledge.

Amalia, London
January 2012

They are very helpful, reliable and supportive

On behalf of myself and my families we want to thank you for the way you dealt with my immigration matter. The service i received was prompt, efficient and professional. I confidently rely on their expertise and advice. I would have no hesitation in recommending Greenfields Solicitors to anyone requiring legal support

Anthony F, London
November 2011

Impressed with efficiency and professionalism

Spouse visa for overstayer, applied for at the BHC, Canberra Australia

I learnt the hard way that you must use solicitors who are well versed in Immigration matters and that solicitor is Greenfields Solicitors. After 2 refusals to remain in the UK on a spouse visa Greenfields were responsible for my latest visa application being approved and I will always be grateful for their efficiency and professionalism shown to me.

A.R Turner

A.R Turner
June 2010

Keep doing what you’re doing

Discretionary Leave to Remain for an overstayer- February 2010

Because of Greenfields Solicitors, I am now a free woman today words cannot express how I’s feeling right about now. All I want to say to them is BIG BIG THANK YOU. May GOD grow and expand your business.

B Opukah, London

B Opukah
February 2010

Greenfields Solicitors know what they are doing

Automatic Deportation case

My partner & I, my two daughters are very grateful for the work/services given by Greenfields Solicitors in dealing with my partner’s immigration matter. We are now able to live as a family unit here in the UK and we look forward to a new future. My partner will soon be working and will provide us financial support. I no longer fear one day one of my daughters would loose her father or having to be away from him if he was deported.

Thinh Smith, Bournmouth

Thinh Smith
August 2009

The solicitors know all areas of immigration

Spouse visa- entry clerance at the BHC Lagos, Nigeria

The solicitors were very helpful in dealing with our matter, they answered all our questions and were very professional in there work. My family are back together.

O Huthman, Essex

O Huthman
August 2009

Quality of professionalism, level of understanding, showing empathy, high level of knowledge, positive result

When we first approached Greenfields we were really, really nervous, filled with doubt and with little hope about our situation. We were in a difficult position and felt that seeking legal advice was our last hope. Following our first meeting and the discussion we had , it immediately adjusted our mindset. We felt confident and truly believed in the advice we received and the support we were promised. Not only were they able to place themselves in our shoes, they educated us about our legal position and prepared us fully step by step for the next stage. They confirmed to us clearly what would happen and gave us an indication of how long the process would take. Everything hat was discussed happened almost to the letter. The only fortunate surprise was that it settled sooner than anyone thought it would. We would highly recommend Greenfields to anyone who needs similar support and we wish the very best of luck to any clients who use their services.

Chris Campbell
March 2009